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LCSH browser - Library of Congress Subject Headings
GSAFD listing - Guidelines on Subject Access to Individual Works of Fiction, Drama, Etc
MPGFG guide - Moving Image Genre-form Guide

Absolute. $2migfg
Abstract live action. $2migfg
Activist. $2migfg
Actuality. $2migfg
Adaptation. $2migfg
Adventure (Nonfiction). $2migfg
Adventure fiction. $2gsafd
Adventure films.
Adventure films. $2gsafd
Adventure radio programs. $2gsafd
Adventure stories.
Adventure stories. $2gsafd
Adventure television programs. $2gsafd
Adventure. $2migfg
Allegories. $2gsafd
Alphabet books. $2 lcsh
Alternative histories (Fiction). $2gsafd
Ancient world. $2migfg
Animal. $2migfg
Animated films.
Animated films. $2gsafd
Animated television programs. $2gsafd
Apocalyptic fiction. $2local
Art. $2migfg
Arthurian romances. $2gsafd
Audiobooks. $2lcsh
Audiocassettes. $2lcsh
Autobiographical fiction.
Autobiographical fiction. $2gsafd
Autobiographical. $2migfg
Aviation. $2migfg

Baseball films.
Baseball stories. $2lcsh
Basketball stories. $2lcsh
Bible fiction. $2gsafd
Bible films. [film version of Bible stories]
Bible plays. $2gsafd
Biblical fiction. $2local
Big books. $2lcsh
Bildungsromans. $2gsafd
Biographical (Nonfiction). $2migfg
Biographical fiction.
Biographical fiction. $2gsafd
Biographical films. [about the lives of real people]
Biographical films. $2gsafd
Biographical radio programs. $2gsafd
Biographical television programs. $2gsafd
Biographical. $2migfg
Black humor (Literature).
Black humor (Literature). $2gsafd
Board books. $2local
Board games. $2lcsh
Boxing films. $2lcsh
Boxing stories. $2lcsh
Buddy. $2migfg

CD-ROMs. $2lcsh
Caper. $2migfg
Chase. $2migfg
Chick lit. $2lcsh
Children's audiobooks. $2lcsh
Children's films.
Children's films. $2lcsh
Children's songs. $2lcsh
Children's stories.
Children's stories. $2lcsh
Children's stories. $2lcsh
Children's. $2migfg
Christian fiction.
Christian fiction. $2gsafd
Christian fiction. $2lcsh
Christmas films.
Christmas films. $2lcsh
Christmas mysteries. $2local
Christmas romances. $2local
Christmas stories.
Christmas stories. $2lcsh
City symphony. $2migfg
Clay animation films.
College stories. $2lcsh
College. $2migfg
Comedies. $2gsafd
Comedy films.
Comedy films. $2gsafd
Comedy radio programs. $2gsafd
Comedy television programs. $2gsafd
Comedy. $2migfg
Comic books, strips, etc. $2gsafd
Coming of age fiction. $2local
Compact discs.
Computer games. $2lcsh
Computer war games. $2lcsh
Contemporary romances. $2local
Cricket stories. $2lcsh
Crime. $2migfg
Cubist. $2migfg

DVD-Video discs. $2lcsh
Dada. $2migfg
Dance. $2migfg
Dark comedy. $2migfg
Detective and mystery films.
Detective and mystery stories.
Detective and mystery stories. $2gsafd
Detectives, Amateur |v Fiction. $2local
Diary fiction.
Diary fiction. $2lcsh
Diary. $2migfg
Didactic drama. $2gsafd
Didactic fiction. $2gsafd
Didactic poetry. $2gsafd
Disability. $2migfg
Disaster. $2migfg
Documentary films. $2lcsh
Documentary television programs. $2lcsh
Documentary videos. $2lcsh
Documentary. $2migfg
Domestic comedy. $2migfg
Domestic fiction.
Domestic fiction. $2lcsh
Dracula films.
Dystopias. $2gsafd

Easter stories. $2lcsh
Educational films. $2lcsh
Educational games. $2lcsh
Educational videos. $2lcsh
Educational. $2migfg
Electronic books. $2lcsh
Electronic games. $2lcsh
Elegiac poetry. $2gsafd
Elegiac poetry. $2gsafd
Epic fiction. $2gsafd
Epic films. $2gsafd
Epic literature.
Epic literature. $2gsafd
Epic poetry. $2gsafd
Epistolary fiction. $2gsafd
Epistolary poetry. $2gsafd
Erotic comic books, strips, etc.. $2gsafd
Erotic fiction. $2gsafd
Erotic films. $2gsafd
Erotic literature.
Erotic poetry. $2gsafd
Erotic stories. $2gsafd
Erotic. $2migfg
Espionage. $2migfg
Ethnic (Nonfiction). $2migfg
Ethnic. $2migfg
Ethnographic. $2migfg
Experimental. $2migfg
Exploitation. $2migfg

Fables. $2gsafd
Fairy tales. $2gsafd
Fallen woman. $2migfg
Family sagas. $2local
Family. $2migfg
Fantasy fiction.
Fantasy fiction. $2gsafd
Fantasy films.
Fantasy films. $2gsafd
Fantasy poetry. $2gsafd
Fantasy radio programs. $2gsafd
Fantasy television programs. $2gsafd
Fantasy. $2migfg
Farces. $2gsafd
Feature films. [Fiction films longer than 40 minutes]
Feature films. $2gsafd
Feminist. $2migfg
Film adaptations. $2lcsh
Film adaptations. $2gsafd
Film noir. $2gsafd
Film noir. $2migfg
Finger puppets. $2lcsh
Fishing stories. $2lcsh
Folklore. $2gsafd
Football films.
Football stories. $2lcsh
Frankenstein films.

Game. $2migfg
Games. $2lcsh
Gangster films.
Gangster films. $2gsafd
Gangster. $2migfg
Gay/lesbian. $2migfg
Ghost stories. $2gsafd
Godzilla films.
Golf stories. $2lcsh
Gothic fiction. $2gsafd
Graphic novels. $2lcsh

Hand puppets. $2lcsh
Haunted house films. $2lcsh
Historical drama. $2gsafd
Historical fiction.
Historical fiction. $2gsafd
Historical films.
Historical films. $2gsafd
Historical mysteries. $2local
Historical poetry. $2gsafd
Historical romances. $2local
Historical. $2migfg
Hockey stories. $2lcsh
Home shopping. $2migfg
Horror comic books, strips, etc.. $2lcsh
Horror fiction. $2gsafd
Horror films.
Horror films. $2gsafd
Horror plays. $2gsafd
Horror radio programs. $2gsafd
Horror tales.
Horror television programs. $2gsafd
Horror. $2migfg
Humorous fiction. $2gsafd
Humorous poetry. $2gsafd
Humorous stories. [Juvenile & YA ONLY]
Humorous stories. $2gsafd
Hunting stories. $2lcsh

Industrial. $2migfg
Instructional videos. $2lcsh
Instructional. $2migfg
Intermittent animation. $2migfg
Interview. $2migfg

James Bond films.
Jewish fiction. $2lcsh
Journalism. $2migfg
Jungle. $2migfg
Juvenile delinquency. $2migfg

Kits. $2local

Landscape. $2migfg
Large type books. $2lcsh
Lecture. $2migfg
Legal drama (Films). $2gsafd
Legal drama (Radio programs). $2gsafd
Legal drama (Television programs). $2gsafd
Legal drama. $2gsafd
Legal stories.
Legal stories. $2gsafd
Legal. $2migfg
Legends. $2gsafd
Legends. $2gsafd
Lift-the-flap books. $2local
Lone Ranger films.
Loop. $2migfg
Love poetry. $2gsafd
Love stories.
Love stories. $2gsafd
Lyrical. $2migfg

Magazine. $2migfg
Martial arts films.
Martial arts. $2migfg
Maternal melodrama. $2migfg
Medical (Nonfiction). $2migfg
Medical drama (Films). $2gsafd
Medical drama (Radio programs). $2gsafd
Medical drama (Television programs). $2gsafd
Medical novels. $2gsafd
Medical thrillers. $2local
Medical. $2migfg
Melodrama. $2gsafd
Melodrama. $2migfg
Melodramatic fiction. $2gsafd
Military. $2migfg
Moralities. $2gsafd
Motion picture plays. $2gsafd
Motion picture serials. $2gsafd
Movie novels. $2gsafd
Mummy films.
Mummy films. $2lcsh
Music video. $2migfg
Music videos. $2lcsh
Music. $2migfg
Musical fiction. $2lcsh
Musical films.
Musical films. $2gsafd
Musical. $2migfg
Mysteries and miracle plays. $2gsafd
Mystery and detective stories. [Juvenile & YA ONLY]
Mystery comic books, strips, etc.. $2gsafd
Mystery fiction. $2gsafd
Mystery films. $2gsafd
Mystery plays. $2gsafd
Mystery radio programs. $2gsafd
Mystery television programs. $2gsafd
Mystery. $2migfg

Narrative poetry. $2gsafd
Nature films. $2lcsh
Nature. $2migfg
News. $2migfg
Newsreel. $2migfg
Noir fiction. $2gsafd

Occult fiction.
Occult fiction. $2gsafd
Opera. $2migfg
Operetta. $2migfg
Our Gang films.

Parables. $2gsafd
Parody films. $2lcsh
Parody. $2migfg
Participatory. $2migfg
Passion plays. $2gsafd
Pastoral drama. $2gsafd
Pastoral fiction.
Pastoral fiction. $2gsafd
Pastoral poetry. $2gsafd
Picaresque literature. $2gsafd
Police procedural fiction. $2local
Police. $2migfg
Political fiction. $2lcsh
Political. $2migfg
Pornography. $2migfg
Portrait. $2migfg
Prehistoric. $2migfg
Prison. $2migfg
Propaganda. $2migfg
Psychological fiction.
Psychological fiction. $2gsafd
Psychological fiction. $2lcsh
Psychological thrillers. $2local
Public access. $2migfg
Public affairs. $2migfg
Puppet films.
Puppets. $2lcsh

Radio and television novels. $2gsafd
Radio plays. $2gsafd
Radio scripts. $2gsafd
Radio serials. $2gsafd
Reality-based. $2migfg
Reflexive. $2migfg
Regency fiction. $2gsafd
Regency novels. $2gsafd
Religion. $2migfg
Religious fiction.
Religious fiction. $2gsafd
Religious fiction. $2lcsh
Religious films.
Religious films. $2lcsh
Religious. $2migfg
Road fiction. $2gsafd
Road films. [Bob Hope films]
Road. $2migfg
Robinsonades. $2gsafd
Romance. $2migfg
Romances. $2gsafd
Romans *a clef. $2gsafd
Romans a? clef. $2gsafd
Romantic comedy films. $2lcsh
Romantic suspense fiction. $2gsafd
Romantic suspense novels. $2gsafd

Satire. $2lcsh
Science fiction comic books, strips, etc. $2gsafd
Science fiction films.
Science fiction films. $2gsafd
Science fiction plays. $2gsafd
Science fiction poetry. $2gsafd
Science fiction radio programs. $2gsafd
Science fiction television programs. $2gsafd
Science fiction.
Science fiction. $2gsafd
Science fiction. $2migfg
Screwball comedy. $2migfg
Sea stories.
Sea stories. $2gsafd
Sea stories. $2lcsh
Sherlock Holmes films.
Sherlock Holmes films. $2lcsh
Short films.
Short films. $2gsafd
Short stories. $2gsafd
Show business. $2migfg
Silent films.
Silent films. $2gsafd
Singing cowboy. $2migfg
Situation comedy. $2migfg
Slapstick comedy. $2migfg
Slasher. $2migfg
Soap opera. $2migfg
Soccer stories. $2lcsh
Social guidance. $2migfg
Social problem. $2migfg
Sophisticated comedy. $2migfg
Speculation. $2migfg
Sponsored. $2migfg
Sport stories.
Sport stories. $2lcsh
Sports (Nonfiction). $2migfg
Sports films.
Sports stories. $2lcsh
Sports videos. $2lcsh
Sports. $2migfg
Spy films.
Spy films. $2gsafd
Spy radio programs. $2gsafd
Spy stories.
Spy stories. $2gsafd
Spy television programs. $2gsafd
Star Trek fiction. $2lcsh
Star Wars fiction.
Star Wars fiction. $2lcsh
Star Wars films. $2lcsh
Street. $2migfg
Structural. $2migfg
Superhero comic books, strips, etc.. $2gsafd
Superhero films. $2gsafd
Superhero radio programs. $2gsafd
Superhero television programs. $2gsafd
Surrealist. $2migfg
Survival. $2migfg
Suspense fiction. $2gsafd
Suspense films. $2gsafd
Suspense radio programs. $2gsafd
Suspense television programs. $2gsafd

Talk. $2migfg
Tall tales. $2gsafd
Techno-thrillers. $2local
Television comedies. $2lcsh
Television mini-series. $2lcsh
Television movies. $2gsafd
Television plays. $2gsafd
Television programs for children. $2lcsh
Television programs. $2lcsh
Television scripts. $2gsafd
Television serials. $2gsafd
Tennis stories. $2lcsh
Text. $2migfg
Thriller. $2migfg
Toys. $2lcsh
Tragedies. $2gsafd
Training. $2migfg
Trance. $2migfg
Travelogue. $2migfg
Trick. $2migfg
Trigger. $2migfg

Utopian fiction. $2gsafd

Vampire films. $2lcsh
Variety films. $2gsafd
Variety shows (Radio programs). $2gsafd
Variety shows (Television programs).
Variety shows (Television programs). $2gsafd
Variety. $2migfg
Video recordings for people with visual disabilities. $2lcsh
Video recordings for the hearing impaired. $2.lcsh
Videocassettes. $2lcsh
Voyages, Imaginary. $2gsafd

War (Nonfiction). $2migfg
War films. $2gsafd
War poetry. $2gsafd
War radio programs. $2gsafd
War stories.
War stories. $2gsafd
War television programs. $2gsafd
War. $2migfg
Western comic books, strips, etc. $2gsafd
Western films. $2gsafd
Western radio programs. $2gsafd
Western stories.
Western stories. $2gsafd
Western television programs.
Western television programs. $2gsafd
Western. $2migfg
Women. $2migfg

Young adult fiction.
Young adult fiction. $2lcsh
Youth. $2migfg
Yukon. $2migfg
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