by Cheryl Tarsala ~9/2007 (apologies: this is formatted horribly, but all the links work)

Internet Sources

AUTOCAT Archives

David Bigwood's Catalogablog. This blog is an excellent current awareness spot for all things cataloging, classification, and metadata. He also has a good sidebar of links to propel you into other library/cataloging cybersites.

Cataloging Futures by Christine Schwartz is a calm and rational voice in the futuristic fray, and her posts contain valuable links to new developments.

The FRBR Blog by William Denton, has its finger on the pulse of work, expression, manifestation, and item.

Lynne's Web. A mixed bag of links, many of them valuable, to a variety of websites of cataloging interest. Keep scrolling down, you might find something useful for your report. Note: Lynne's Web is not a good example of targeted, specialized, annotated link collection like your projects will be.

ODLIS, the Online Dictionary for Library and Information Science.

LibDex, the online index to libraries and OPACs.

Indexes for LIS


Library Literature & Information Science. A very useful feature in WilsonLink Library Literature is the browse button, which allows you to scroll through the subject headings and see the number of postings for each one. This mimics the print version, which always has had a splendid, pre-coordinate controlled vocabulary. It is a refreshing alternative to keyword searching if you just want an overview of the topics available.

Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective. All the back files of Library Literature from its origin in 1905.

Major Journals in Cataloging and Classification
Links are to the journal websites, some of which have TOCs to browse; for full-text access, follow the link to UIUC Library journals list below.

Cataloging and Classification Quarterly

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science

Information Technology and Libraries

Technical Services Quarterly

--- These are not focused on cataloging, but they are major journals worth browsing:

Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. The ASIST Digital Library includes full-text access to ARIST.

Journal of Documentation

Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

Knowledge Organization

The Library Quarterly