Bob Peck - freelance writer of indexes

How shall we exchange value (win–win)?
You get:
  1. Index - of your chosen style. It can be high quality and fairly costly
    per page or it can be quick and simple and less expensive
  2. The attentions of a highly skilled writer of indexes
  3. The many advantages of a fine index for your book
I get:
  1. Monetary compensation - negotiable rates depend upon the size
    and complexity of the project.
    After careful review of a manuscript sample, I will ask for a price
    beginning at $3.00 per page for a simple manuscript with
    2 to 3 entries per page and going up for books such as
    multi-column technical manuals.
  2. Other considerations - we might take into account intangibles
    such as scheduling (e.g., rush jobs), revision stages, direct
    contact with the author, separate subject/people listings and more
Arrangements will include a detailed specification and a contract

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